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Hello. I’m Sharae. Welcome, dear reader, to my fantasy/fairy tale/re-telling sims story. Here you will discover a tale about Ariana Cobolt, a young woman whose dreams of opening her own bakery are sidetracked by her own doubts about herself. When she helps to prepare her uncle’s house to be put on the market, she finds that the property is a ship into another world where she’s mistaken for a wicked queen. But when Ariana sets out to prove her innocence, she finds that she has a very real connection to both worlds that is not guiltless. Will Ariana’s true background prove to be great or destructive to all involved?

This story is loosely based on The Nutcracker (a bit of the fairy tale and a bit of the ballet), but it is as loose as a goose’s feather in the wind. So, don’t expect a faithful re-telling.



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